Possessing an incredible resilience and rich character

Australian Coastal Home Magazine Summer 2013/4

In a recent article titled ‘Innovative Rebirth’ Australian Coastal Home Magazine enthusiastically featured Renaza hardwood tile products.

The article authored by Claire Bellamy opens by describing Renaza as being ‘affordable’, ‘ecologically sound’ and ‘possessing an incredible resilience and rich character’.

Accurately the article indicated that Renaza mosaic wooden panels can be used both internally and (selectively) externally. The magazine also specifically highlighted the 2 Renaza cladding products, Rustico and Silva. Further praise was heaped on Renaza by describing the ‘warmth and beauty of the timber grain that provides a stunning contrast to modern man-made synthetic surfaces’.

Renaza Managing Partner Matthew Gooding is quoted in the magazine article as saying “the tiles are extremely durable and visually stunning, so the applications are endless. Best of all no one tile is identical – ensuring each project has its own unique character”. Matthew goes on to say “There’s nothing else like Renaza tiles in Australia, people can enjoy the beauty of the timber but at no cost to the environment”.

Australian Coastal Home Magazine concludes the Renaza feature by directing home and business owners interested in purchasing Renaza hardwood panels to visit the website www.renaza.com.au

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