Renaza Tiles Technical Information


Renaza timber mosaic wall tiles are designed for projects internally, however some external use is also possible. We recommend for enhanced longevity of the tiles’ finish, that they are affixed in external locations where they are not directly exposed to rain, rain run-off or damp conditions. For more information on optimal use of Renaza timber tiles externally, please contact us.

For more information on Renaza’s safety test results or any other questions regarding technical specifications, please contact us.

Safety Testing

Bella Lujo, creator of the Renaza mosaic wall tile range, has gone to great lengths to ensure each of its products are not only of the highest quality, but also meet and exceed all regulatory guidelines, codes of practice and safety standards.

As part of our quality control system, all products in the Renaza range have undergone stringent testing including :

  1. Fire Standard AS/NZS 3837. BCA clause C1.10a requires certain fire hazard properties of all materials. Renaza timber tiles classification Group 3.
  2. CSIRO Element analysis. This test has confirmed no dangerous or hazardous materials are contained in the product’s composition.
  3. Know Your Wood (formally CSIRO division). This test has confirmed the timber used to manufacture Renaza recycled tiles is hardwood.