How to install your Renaza Wooden Tiles

Renaza Wooden Tiles Installation Procedure

DIY-Logo_smlThe Installation procedure below details the recommended installation steps for all Renaza mosaic wall tiles. Bella Lujo recommends that installations be undertaken by a qualified tradesperson (Tiler) or experienced home renovator.

Step 1: Renaza mosaic tiles must be installed onto a solid surface, for example – gyprock, fibrous cement sheeting, brick, render, etc.
All surfaces must be clean and free of dirt and oil prior to the installation of Renaza wooden tiles. All smooth painted surfaces should be given a quick sand to “roughen up” the surface – this will aid adhesion.

Step 2: Set out – measure the area to confirm dimensions, determine if any Renaza Tiles will require cutting, set your first row & check levels frequently.

Start slowly – ensure the first row of tiles is level – set out the first row without adhesive and check tile patterns are uniform from one tile to the next.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive* evenly to the back of each Renaza mosaic wall tile ensuring inclusive coverage of each individual mosaic timber piece (*we recommend that adhesive is applied to the entire surface area of the tile for maximum adhesion  – adhesive can be applied with a sausage gun & then spread evenly over the tile surface area with a trowel).

Place and press each tile onto the wall until the adhesive takes hold.

 Renaza Tiles Apply Adhesive

Installation Tips

Linear Tiles: Sil 301, Sil 601 Interlock, Rus 301 & Rus 601 Interlock – Install tiles in a staggered “Brick Work” pattern – helps conceals join lines

RUS-601 interlock hardwood timber tile - Example of installed Renza wooden tiles.


Compact Joins – ensure tiles are butted up against each other to minimise any join gaps – before trimming an edge try the opposite edge or try another tile for fit first

Rustic Charm – Renaza tiles are made from Reclaimed Timber, Hand Crafted & full off Aged Character.  Renaza tiles with character features such as nail holes – we recommend that the mounting surface immediately behind the nail hole is painted black (spray can is ideal) & applied adhesive is kept 1 cm away from the hole edge.

Cutting Renaza Mosaic Wall Tiles

It is recommended Renaza mosaic wall tiles be cut using a compound mitre saw or slide saw with a fine timber-cutting blade.
Your Safety is Paramount – please ensure ALL necessary safety equipment (eye protection, ear plugs, dust mask, etc) is used.

External Sealing – Renaza is a perfect feature product for outdoor covered areas – if the outdoor area is exposed to the elements (rain, prolonged direct sun) then we highly recommend that a Marine Grade Sealant be applied. Note – a sealant will darken the product & a recoat is recommended every 12-18 months. No Sealant is required for internal applications except if installed in areas exposed to high levels of steam or moisture.



Construction adhesives are recommended for installation of Renaza feature tiles as detailed below and should be readily available from major DIY hardware stores (Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10, Home Hardware, etc). Follow the application instructions of any adhesive used, as a guide, allow an application rate of approximately one litre of flexible construction adhesive per one square metre of Renaza mosaic wall tiles.



product spec sheet
Selleys Adhesive

Selleys® Liquid Nails Direct Stick LF
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Bostik Ultraset SF Brown

Bostik Ultraset SF ‘Brown’ (Solvent Free)
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