Affordable Luxury for your home with Renaza Reclaimed Wooden Wall Tiles

Your home is an individual expression with a dream realised and brought to life with Renaza designer hardwood reclaimed wooden wall tiles.  Renaza is versatile; our vibrant wood panels can be found highlighting residential living areas including media walls, partitions, kitchen-island faces, entrance hallways feature walls, ceiling features, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. Renaza works anywhere where creating a sophisticated ‘wow factor’ impact is required.

Be a part of the Renaza journey; from decommissioned boat, to luxury hardwood tile, to designer feature wall panel. Revel in the warmth and spirit of reclaimed timber. Renaza Panel Tile ranges suit a myriad of decors and end uses, from natural and rustic, to sleek, stunning and modern. Rest assured, our Rustico and Silva wall tile panel products are certified and are easy to install.

Renaza’s prestigious Rustico and Silva hardwood tile ranges are available at an affordable luxury – price point. Don’t settle for second best. Lavish your home with affordable, truly lustrous panel features. Contact us today for a quote on your next project, or place an order by clicking the link below.

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RUSTICO Reclaimed Wooden Wall Tiles by Renaza SILVA Reclaimed Wooden Wall Cladding by Renaza