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Renaza – An Acoustic Performer

Renaza Reclaimed Timber Tiles are a strong performer when an acoustic solution is being sought. Renaza tile patterns with their interwoven wooden textured & undulating finish provide a strong & effective sound damping capacity.

Media Room Acoustic Wall - Renaza Reclaimed Timber Tiles

How is that achieved?

Timber has natural acoustic properties & is effective in both absorbing & reducing sound vibrations, which assist in managing echo & reverberation by interrupting the energy of a soundwave. If you break up the sound then you reduce the echo.

Aesthetic appeal

Wood has a natural beauty & engages the senses. It is known for its strength, its warmth, its visual appeal & tactile nature.

Wood provides aesthetics and strength, adds warmth, feel & is a solid acoustic performer. Renaza Reclaimed Timber Tiles have all these qualities & provide both feel and function as an acoustic solution.

Read what the Experts say:

Look & Listen

“In a standard home room scenario, you have four walls which are generally parallel to each other, as well as a parallel ceilings and floors. Any sound that is emitted within this room (speakers, TV, conversations, phone ring tones etc.), contain many frequencies, which then travel through the air at different speeds relative to their pitch. The waves travel in many different directions from the source, some directly to your ears, others bounce off the floor, walls and hard objects, and some are absorbed and dampened by soft objects such as chairs and couches. The interaction of these frequencies within a space is a complex mixture that gives an area its individual acoustic properties. The reflection is one of the easiest to hear, and is generally perceived by us as an echo, often heard in an empty room.

RUS 306 TV Wall Acoustic - Renaza Reclaimed Timber Tiles

These stylish wooden panels by Renaza not only look great, but they feature bonus acoustic properties, acting as a diffuser for mid to high frequencies, and adding to a wall or ceilings weight and thickness, helping to contain the sound within the room. This means that as the sound frequencies hit this panel, they scatter in many directions, instead of bouncing directly back into the room. As each panel is composed of slightly different size wood pieces, the reflected waves will bounce back at many different angles and times, helping to minimise the audible echo effect which detracts from the original direct sound. The result of using these panels will be a more even and natural sound for your space.

These panels are a great solution, not just for entertainment areas such as media rooms, and living rooms, but also as speech intelligibly solutions for offices, and studies”

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